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We left the Ames/Des Moines area on Wednesday, April 3rd, and continued heading north-east to Dubuque, Iowa for a show at the local favorite called Monk’s. We performed our Pocket Vinyl show in the basement, with a camera broadcasting our show upstairs to the bar. That way the people watching baseball could also glance over and see what I was painting without having to come downstairs themselves. It was another quiet show with a small audience (one guy fell asleep and snored during our set) but the bar owners traded us a place to stay & breakfast burritos the next morning (plus two free Monk’s t-shirts!) for the painting. It was better than having to carry another wet painting away in our car.



As it turned out, Eric liked the octopus-headed woman so much that we decided to use the basic design as our limited edition Pocket Vinyl t-shirt, only for those that back us on our new Kickstarter project. (Reminder, we’re trying to raise money to support our third Pocket Vinyl album. Please consider backing us. One of the many awesome rewards available will be a t-shirt featuring octo-woman.)