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On Sunday, April 7th, Pocket Vinyl history was made. We weren’t expecting it in the least. We woke up in our comfy hotel and after I’d been feeling so crummy with a bad headache the night before, and since it was so nice to have the hotel to stay and feel comfortable in, we decided to extend our stay for Sunday night as well. It was a bit pricier than what we like to spend on a hotel room, but still not bad. Plus, we really needed the rest.

We spent part of the day driving towards Sister Bay. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Eric is part Norwegian and the only bumper sticker we have on our car reads “Have you hugged a Norwegian today?” The sticker is from a Scandinavian-themed restaurant in Sister Bay, Wisconsin, that has a sod roof that goats hang out on. Neither of us have ever been, the sticker was passed around from some family friends who’d been there. But it sounded really awesome, and we figured that since we were already so close we ought to check this place out, since we’ve been advertising for it for the past 2 years.

However, although Google Maps had claimed it was only 40ish minutes away, our GPS at first couldn’t find the address, and then when we punched in directions for the Sister Bay city center, it said it’s take an hour and 45 minutes. We continued on anyways, stopping to get better directions at a Wisconsin cheese shop where we were told it was 30 minutes away, maybe 40. Actually probably an hour. Hmm… Then the road we were driving on suddenly closed because a bridge was out. We took it as a sign to turn around and give up on this adventure, at least for today. We stopped at the cheese shop again for some fresh cheese and wine, and headed back to our hotel.

In the early evening we drove out to our third Green Bay show, at a little place called JD’s Bar. Our show was scheduled for 5:00 in the evening, which is ridiculously early! We were worried it’d be a terrible show, and asked the guy who’d booked us a couple times beforehand if he was sure it’d be ok for us to play at 5:00. He assured us that there’d be a good crowd. At 5:00. On a Sunday. In a bar. Hm. Green Bay is very different from Connecticut!

But we did show up around 4:00 and there were a good amount of people there… Including a couple babies and a dog. Very different from Connecticut. The placed began to really pack out as it got closer to the time we were suppose to start, and a handful of people from our shows the night before at the House of Valdar also came in, just to see us! So awesome.

We were suppose to play 2 long-ish sets, and I was setting in to my painting with that time frame in mind. However, midway through Eric’s hands were incredibly sore. After the two shows in a row the night before, the tips of his fingers were very tender and his fingernails were slowly getting separated from his fingers with every pound to the keys. He asked the guy in charge of the show and myself if it’d be ok if he cut the set down much shorter. I quickly had to reevaluate everything I was planning on doing for the painting and we pounded through the rest of our set.

The crowd was so incredibly sweet and gracious. Then, as I was cleaning a few things up on stage, someone came up to say how they’d enjoyed the show and commented that she wished she could buy the painting, but since the bidding was already up to $400 it was out of her price range. I thought she was kidding. The highest a how painting had ever gone for before was $351. Our average is between $50-$100. Eric began the live bidding on the painting, and almost instantly things started getting ridiculous. In the end it was down to the guy who ran the bar and a girl who kept claiming she could go no higher than ___, but would throw in a higher bid at the last minute. I stood on stage hiding behind the painting, laughing because I could not believe how ridiculous things were getting! Finally, the bidding ended with the guy who runs the bar at $700!! Whhaaaaaat?? Our minds were blown.




Then, the girl who’d lost the bid on that painting won the bid on our SXSW unsold painting! (The guy who’d booked us for JD’s had asked if we happened to have any extra paintings for sale!) Here’s her boyfriend with that painting:





It was so nice to finally not have to be carrying this painting around with us!

By 7:30 we’d said our goodbyes and had packed up the car to head back to our hotel, quite a large bit better off financially than a few hours earlier! And it wasn’t even dark out yet!! What a surreal and wonderful experience! Green Bay had definitely treated us exceptionally well, and when the guy who’d booked us encouraged us to come visit them again in Green Bay, we both very enthusiastically said we’d definitely be coming back! Wisconsin, you really are awesome!