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On Monday, April 8th, we finally left Green Bay and said goodbye to our new favorite Wisconsin city, heading south for the first time in a month towards Madison, Wisconsin. We arrived in the afternoon and met up with Scott, an internet friend of Eric’s we were meeting for the first time. After hanging out some in Scott’s apartment he took us on a walking tour of the city of Madison. Scott lives directly across the street of the Wisconsin capitol building and we actually walked through the building to reach the lake and boardwalk on the opposite side. The city is sweet and small, with lots of awesome local business and just a really great friendly atmosphere. I really enjoyed it. Oh Wisconsin, you’re so great. Even your capitol is great!

In the evening we headed over to the Rigby Pub, a Beatles-themed bar, for our Pocket Vinyl show. We were playing with two other bands: Croaker and Horses & Bayonets, both super talented groups. Scott ended up winning the bid on the painting, and we drove it back to his apartment while he walked with a couple friends for some after-party hanging out at his place.



During their walk across town one of Scott’s friends had grabbed an issue of the Onion, and in the AV Club section there was a little blurb about our show that evening and a photo of us! Weird! Someone at the Onion in Madison must be a Pocket Vinyl fan! Thanks, Madison, for being Pocket Vinyl friendly!