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On Wednesday, April 10th, we woke up to the sounds of teenage boys surrounding us, yelling at each other. We’d fallen asleep in our car the night before in what had been a mostly empty service station parking lot. The night had been an eventful one, full of torrential rains pounding on the roof of our car, and tossing and turning to try to stay warm while the temperature hovered around the 30s. We groggily rolled out of our sleeping bags (which I think, after a couple years of use, are beginning to loose their warmth), washed up in the service station next to burly truckers and the smell of hot dogs and donuts, and continued driving towards Illinois. Such a glamorous life.

Right before crossing the boarder out of Wisconsin we did stop at a couple cheese shops, including the Mars Cheese Castle



We picked up some goat cheese curds (goat cheese is my favorite. Seriously, a dream of mine for years has been to own goats & sheep) and some mango/habanero cheddar. Good delicious stuff. We’ll miss you Wisconsin.

By mid-afternoon we arrived at our friend Stef’s place. Eric has been friends with Stef since elementary school, so it was really nice to catch up with her. She’d also won a painting bid during our last tour through Chicago in the fall of 2011, and it was cool to see the piece again in her place.

In the evening we headed over to Wheaton College for a Pocket Vinyl show at the Stupe, their little cafe. Eric has a handful of cousins that have gone/are going to Wheaton, but none of them were in town the night we played.

After loading in we go dinner in Wheaton’s cafeteria. After being out of college for almost 4 years (almost 5 for Eric), it was a bit overwhelming and chaotic trying to navigate a college cafeteria. But the food was good. Back downstairs a couple students opened the show with a very sweet set together: Moriah Gonzalez and Eliana Schulze. Stef came and won the bid on the painting, my first non-animal-headed woman:

_MG_6203 copy

IMG_6205  After the show we headed back to Stef’s in the rain for beers and a good night’s sleep, much better than the night before in the car.