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I slept till noon on Sunday, April 14th, at Eric’s relatives’ house. I was also a little off after finally crossing back into EST in Terre Haute after being in the Central Time Zone for the past month & a half. The day was spent slow and quiet, until our Pocket Vinyl show that evening back to the Melody Inn in Indianapolis. This was our third time playing through the Melody Inn, but we still don’t really have an Indy following, which can be discouraging.

As we walked up the sidewalk to the venue we were approached by the guys in one of the other bands performing that night, Midwest State Of Mind. They told us that most of them had to work early the next morning and could we switch places with them. Mike, who does the door & sound, was also there and said no way, so we all went in to talk to Dave at the bar. Turned out that if it was ok with us, it was ok with Dave and Mike, so we rearranged the schedule, placing or set at the end. Definitely not our favorite spot to play by any means, but it really didn’t matter.

By about 9:30 MSOF got started, playing about an hour set. Then a touring band from Chicago, Moritat, played second. Both bands brought an ok amount of people and a couple of those stuck around for our set, at the very end.



Since it was so late & we didn’t want to lose the people that were still there, we only played for about 30 minutes. And like I said, no more white-dressed ladies.



Good moments: When Mike told me the painting reminded him of a pet rabbit he once owned. When the guy who got the painting told me that I needed to know that it was worth far more than he could afford to give us. When a rabbit ran by the side of the road as we drove home.

This show took a lot more out of me than normal, and I collapsed back at the house, exhausted and wondering if it was worth it to keep going.