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We spent much of Saturday, April 13th, hanging around with Josh & Sarah, getting breakfast, checking out their new church, and playing board games at the house they’ve been staying at while they wait for the documents to close on they house they’re trying to buy. In the evening we said our goodbyes and continued on towards our next gig for the night, back to the Verve in Terre Haute, IN. This was our second trip to Terre Haute; during our last show there I’d painted a monster that Eric really connected with, and later got tattooed into his forearm:

Untitled-2 copy


A cover band by the name of Midnight Motive opened for us, with a bunch of unique renditions of pop songs. They were really fun. Then during our set (starting between 11 and 11:30) was a bit of a longer one, and we had a nice group that came into the stage area from the larger bar section of the venue. Afterwards too, a lot of people stopped us to let us know how much they really enjoyed our set. It was incredibly encouraging. We are so exhausted from this tour and every little kind word helps us get through to the next day.

The couple that won the bid on the painting had actually seen us during our first show at the Verve and had been one of the first to order the special edition of our 7″, MP1.



As I finished up this painting, I decided that I’m done painting female figures, at least for now. The rest of this tour will be free of human figures.



It was well after midnight by the time we were all packed up and we’d said all our goodbyes. We got on the road with a 2 hour trip ahead of us, heading north of Indianapolis to Eric’s relatives’ house. Saltine crackers made up the majority of our extremely late dinner, and even though we were extra exhausted, Eric took some photos, trying to be silly and keep the mood happy as we began our long trip into the night.



He’s getting quite beardy.

I nodded off, waking to the car swerving and Eric white knuckled as he checked the rear view mirrors. Seeing me awake he explained that for the past 5-10 miles there was what must have been an extremely drunk driver on the highway, wildly swerving back and forth across 5 lanes, skidding along guardrails and steering into the few cars that dared to try and pass him. Eric didn’t want to risk passing him and had ended up slowing to about 40 miles an hour until finally the drunk driver took an exit and got off the highway. Eric said he’d kept his distance and wasn’t able to see the guy’s license plate, but we hope someone else called the cops on him. Terrifying!! I really really hope he didn’t hurt or kill anyone that night.

We pulled into Eric’s aunt & uncle’s long driveway close to 4:00 in the morning, heading straight upstairs to one of the empty rooms and passed out.

Seriously, do NOT let people drink & drive. So scary.