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Can we please be peaceful?

Yesterday was Pocket Vinyl’s first day off in about 3 weeks. It was extremely needed. I needed peace. I needed to sit quietly and no nothing. I needed to drink tea, and not change out of my pajamas. I needed to catch up on responding to messages from dear friends. All of you are dear to me. I needed peace.

Then, at 3:00, I began to see the Tweets trickle in. Boston had been bombed. The first footage I saw was unedited, and the newscaster speaking over the images pleaded that it wouldn’t be graphic. I messaged my friends living in Boston. Eric’s cousin was at the Boston Marathon’s finish line, but thankfully she was safe. It’s so close to our home in New England, and sadness came over me, wondering if there can ever be peacefulness.

I don’t want guns and I don’t want bombs and I don’t even want retaliation. I know I’m accused of being naïve and I’ve heard the arguments for defending safety. But for myself, I want peace. And I would much rather stand with open arms in peace than hold to gun to anyone.

Peace came to us these past few days, despite the turmoil in Boston. Besides tea and pajamas and doing nothing yesterday, we went out for a very late breakfast today (I think it was afternoon by the time we dug in), hot tubbed a bit between thunder storms, Eric finished up some writing on songs he’s been working on, got some craft brews and contimplated death & the afterlife with Seven Psychopaths (highly recommended, but the trailer gives it a much different spin than the actual movie).  Also, after about the 20th person asking if they could tag us, we downloaded Instagram. So go follow us or whatever.

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Someday, we’ll be home. And I really can’t wait for that day. Until then though, 9 shows left of this tour! Come see us! Or tell your friends to come see us! Seriously, we need some kind words and encouragement during this last homestretch!



April 17 – Fort Wayne, IN – Dash In   8 PM

April 18 – Toledo, OH – Ottawa Tavern   10 PM

April 19 – Sandusky, OH – Hermes Vineyards   8:30 PM

April 20 – Cleveland, OH  – House show open to all!  7 PM

April 22 – Canton, OH – BuzzBin Art & Music Shop    9:30 PM

April 23 – Houghton, NY – Java 101 @ Houghton College  9 PM

April 25 – Rochester, NY – Boulder Coffee (South Wedge/100 Alexander location)   8 PM

April 26 – Wellsboro, PA – Warehouse Theater   7:30 PM

April 27 – Utica, NY – The Tram  8 PM