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The weather in Toledo right now is hot and super windy with big dark clouds. Just checked the weather and we’re apparently in a dangerously high to moderately high tornado area. I’ve never seen a tornado before… I’m kind of prefer to keep things that way.

We got back on the road yesterday after our two blissful but far too short days of break, heading towards Fort Wayne, Indiana, and a bar called Dash-In. Earlier that day we received a phone call from our friend Josh letting us know that he just happened to currently be in Fort Wayne for some church conferences! Awesome. So we saw him there and he brought a whole bunch of people from the conference to see us!

Unfortunately that morning Eric began getting a little sick. But through some hot tea we were able to get through two 45 minute Pocket Vinyl sets to complete the night. Everyone was really awesome and responsive, and the venue paid us! It was really the kind of response we needed after being on the road for so long.

IMG_6283 copy


After packing up and grabbing a quick bite before the kitchen closed, we were faced with the to-sleep-in-the-car-or-to-spend-hard-earned-cash-on-a-hotel-room dilemma. With Eric getting more and more sick, we decided a $40 hotel room would be a good investment in our physical health. We stopped at a grocery store to grab a couple cartons of orange juice and a two-pack of Day & NyQuil, then checked into a hotel next door to a stripper bar. It’s a lot better than sleeping in the car, especially when you’re sick!

Today, we’ve been chugging orange juice and have spent a good part of the day here in Toledo, watching the dark clouds and sudden rainstorms, hoping no tornadoes touch down near us. Tonight we’ll be visiting the Ottawa Tavern for the second time, playing a show there that starts around 10:00. Come avoid tornadoes with us!

ALSO: Reminder that there are 20 days left on our Kickstarter, and we’ve just crossed the halfway mark! Please help us reach our goal, and at the same time, get some awesome sweet rewards!