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So getting horribly sick once we got home pretty well forced me to rest. Like I said, I’m still not 100%, but I’m slowly beginning to get things done. Like… I planted a potted vegetable garden! More on that later. Eric did go to work right away though putting together our Kickstarter! I mentioned it a little while ago, and currently it only has HOURS left before it’s done!! The whole point of the Kickstarter is to pay for the recording, mixing, and manufacturing of Pocket Vinyl’s third full-length album, which Eric has already titled Death Anxiety. Since we’ve been home he’s been working hard at fine tuning the many new songs he’s been working on this past year and painstakingly trying to pair the listing down, so that the new album will only include the best of the best.

Amazingly, we met the original $3,500 goal with about a week left to go in the Kickstarter! And then, just recently, we made the $4,000 stretch goal, which means every backer will now also receive an “acoustic” digital version of the new album, with only piano & vocals (similar to our live shows; many have commented on how they wanted a piano/vocals only album… well, here it is!)

Finally, there is another stretch goal that I reeeeaaally want us to reach, of $5,000! If we’re able to get that (from the looks of it, we still need about $900) then Death Anxiety, the full-length album, will be released on vinyl!!! So, yeah. If that sounds like something that would be cool to you, you could, you know, donate towards our project (and get some awesome sweet rewards in the process!)

Anyways, I’ll still keeping my fingers crossed for that. We’ve got about… 2 days for that to happen.

To kick in a few shekels, just go to our Kickstarter page, here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pocketvinyl/death-anxiety-a-new-album-by-pocket-vinyl

And a big thank you, in advance.