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Alright, so I’ve decided that this summer, I want to do a lot more reading. I miss reading, I want to challenge and sharpen my mind, and it’s seriously one of the most relaxing things to do in a sunny backyard on a warm day. And goodness knows, I need to learn to relax and slow down some after our last tour. Even though we’ve been home for over 2 weeks now I’ve got… let’s see, from where I’m sitting I can count… eleven different projects that I’m currently in the middle of. That’s not even counting the commissions and Kickstarter assignments I have yet to start (barely 40 hours left and we still need to raise another $800 is we’re going to meet the stretch goal to release the entire album on vinyl!! Pleeease donate to that cause, I’m really crossing my fingers for it!!)

So anyways, I realized a few weeks ago that even though I wanted to read more, I had no idea where to start. I began asking friends on-line and pretty quickly got what look to be some great recommendations, but I decided to start with a recommendation within my own house, and now I’m going to give you my mini review of the first book I’ve finished this summer!

My younger brother Nick recommended I read a book he recently finished titled The Girl Who Would Be King by Kelly Thompson. Nick heard about this book on-line because (what a coincidence) it was a Kickstarter project! Awesome! (Besides that, I honestly don’t know too much about the background of this novel, but I’m not here to review that, I’m here to review the story itself.)

Genre: Young adult fantasy, set in the current, real-world, USA.

Brief summery: The story opens by flipping between two girls that both quickly end up orphans. They begin to discover that they both possess super-natural abilities, and their separate stories follow them as one chooses to use her powers for good and the other for evil, and the consequences of both as they search to discover who and why they are. They eventually meet and… you’ll have to read it to find out what happens. It actually turns out differently than what I was expecting.

Stuff that irked me slightly: There are a few grammar issues here and there. Not a huge deal, but it’s something that sort of gets under my skin. Also, there seemed to be a few loose ends that never fully resolved, and the ending wrapped up way faster than I think I was ready for.

Stuff that I really enjoyed: Complete page-turner, easy and fast to read despite it being close to 400 pages long, and I found myself  excited to find out what would happen next to the characters.

Extra notes: Sex-scenes were not graphic, which I appreciated (sorry, I doubt I’d be any kind of fan of Fifty Shades of Grey). However, there is a ton of blood and gore, and it is often described in grueling detail. Also, a fair amount of swearing. I guess it’d be “R” is it were rated as a film.

In conclusion: This was a fun and kind of fluffy quick summer read. Just what I needed to begin some summer literature entertainment. I’d definitely recommend it for pure entertainment, and give it maybe a… 6.5 out of 10.