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By Saturday, May the Fourth (…), Eric & I were fairly well-rested enough for our double-hometown Pocket Vinyl show in good ol’ New London, Connecticut.  We began the evening with an early (6:00) show at our favorite local record store, the Telegraph. My parents, who are currently in the middle of “the big move” from my hometown of Schefferville, Quebec, allllllllll the way across the country to Vancouver, BC on the West Coast, happened to be in town for a few days, and they brought my grandmother along for the show. I love that we can play these double shows for our early crowd and our late crowd. Plus, as we get into our set, the shop really started to fill up with people who’d come just to see us! Always such an encouraging and welcoming sight in good ol’ NL. Admittedly, after performing practically every single night for 4 straight months, both Eric & I felt a little rusty after our 2-ish weeks of rest. But we pulled out our best, as we often try to do for every show.


(The photos of us performing were posted on Instagram by people at the show. You should go follow us!)


After the show and saying goodnight to my family that made it out to see us, we leisurely packed up and carried our gear a block over to our second show of the night, at the Oasis Pub.  Our 2nd show didn’t start until around 10:30 so we had beers and hung out in the Telegraph after closing, discussing the new Pocket Vinyl album and stuff (which you can still help back over at our Kickstarter! C’mon, don’t you want to hear it on vinyl?).

Once at the Oasis we met up with a handful of friends and had an awesome time playing a slightly longer set. Plus, our good friends Chris & Amanda got the painting!! They told us they’d been holding out for one that really spoke to them, so I definitely took their bidding on it as a compliment!



Best part of the night? We were out of there and home by 1:45 am, well before the bars close! (I enjoy where our life brings us, but I can’t lie, I do NOT like battling my way through hundreds of drunk bros and their girlfriends streaming into the streets at 2:00 am.)

So, thanks for welcoming us back New London! We’ve missed you.