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Bloggity-bloggity-bloggity-blog! (Ankylosaurus was built like a tank.)

Oh, it’s not that I’ve forgotten dear bloggity. It’s just that… well, the honest answer is not “I’ve been busy” (though I have), or “I haven’t felt like blogging” (because I have), it’s just that I haven’t. Sometimes that just happens.

Summer reading!

With all the cold rain going on this past week it certainly hasn’t been feeling particularly summery. And if it’s not raining, the humidity!! And the ticks!! Whhhhhyyyy did we choose to live in Connecticut??!

Anyways. I wasn’t planning on writing about the past handful of book I’ve been reading, because of a struggle within my own mind, telling me that these “aren’t real books”. A completely horrid argument, and honestly, with my artistic background I don’t even know where that comes from!

Comics! Daily comics, mini comics, webcomics, graphic novels.

We have an incredibly amazing used book… “store” just doesn’t seem right at all… not too far away, called The Book Barn. This place is spectacular. Their original location is a main building, plus a whole bunch of mini rooms, shacks, lean-to’s, filled with tons of books. Plus a pen for goats. And big old comfy chairs to read & drink coffee in. And cats! Everywhere! Book Barn cats! They also have a downtown location & a midtown location.

Eric & I went on an outing down to the Book Barn last week I think it was… We sold some old books for store credit & picked up a good little armload of books, including a couple graphic novels, one of them being the first Flight collection. We already own volumes 2, 3, 5, & 6, so we knew what we were getting into buying this book.



Publication of this series ran from 2004 through 2011, as they produced one book a year, stopping after Volume 8. Flight focused on showcasing young comic artists, giving them a couple pages to run a short comic and show off their skill. The books have become a place for the reader interested in getting to know more about the indie comic world to find new artists and writers. The work is always beautifully done in these collections, and brings together a lot of different styles.

I have always been into comics (anything non-superhero-y) but the Flight books have not only really opened my eyes to the many possibilities of comics, but they’ve also encouraged me as Eric & I continue working on our own graphic novel. (Release date: …sometime a few years from now…)

If you’re interested at all in some fun very short stories accompanied by some beautiful artwork, I highly recommend picking up a volume. 8 out of 10 stars.

(Side note: Comics are amazing for kids learning to read, and these stories are so short I don’t doubt in the least that these books would be perfect.)