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The Whalies!

Yes, this past Saturday, May 25th, the day before the new Arrested Development season got released on Netflix, was the New London 2013 Whalie Awards. If you remember, Pocket Vinyl caused quite a stir last year, taking home four awards in our very first Whalies ever, a record for the Awards (it doesn’t really need to be mentioned that at the time the Whalie Awards had only been going on for 3 years…)

This year we “only” took home two awards, but they were both the People’s Choice Awards that we were nominated for: Best Music Video & Best Indie Pop. Doyouknowwhatthismeans? It means that you, fans, family, friends, voted so that we could win those two awards! Basically, you guys gave us those awards! Which is spectacular, and definitely incredibly makes us feel loved. So seriously, thank you so much guys. I wish we could send you each a piece of the awards. …We probably could… I think they’re made of plastic, and it wouldn’t be too hard to break them up into itty bitty pieces…

The ceremony was freezing! Thanks to those of you who came out to the event, but I certainly don’t blame those of you who didn’t! It was rainy and in the 40s, and by the time we went up for our second award I couldn’t feel my feet at all.

Worth it!


We had a lot of friends winning awards too, like JR, in these photos with us.

And also, check out more photos of the event, and a little write-up about the event, and a full list of all the event’s winners.

Thanks again for voting!

(P.S. I have incredibly straight hair, and it’s never a problem when it comes to rain and humidity. But I’ve always heard girls complain about how humidity and really mess up hair, so I decided to “embrace” that. I discovered a simple way of making my hair basically really big/curly/frizzy. After having straight hair my whole life it was really very jarring to see a Kristen Schaal hair style on my head.)