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…I’m not even going to comment on how little I’ve been blogging lately.

Last month one of my best friends from college, Leah, got married, and it was glorious. Her (now) husband, Phil, also went to our college and the wedding was anticipated as another big college reunion for all of us. I feel we all really lucked out on the amazing friend group that we came up with during our years at college, and despite the ridiculous debt I’m in now, I seriously wouldn’t have traded those years for anything. I love all these people so so dearly.

Despite Leah & Phil currently living in Rochester, NY, the wedding took place above NYC, in Lagrangeville, near her parents’ place. Eric & I showed up early on May 16th, the Thursday before the wedding. He dropped me off at the hotel for the bachelorette party and he went off to go camping with another husband and boyfriend. It was so much fun, and as awesome as the wedding itself was, a lot of us wished the bachelorette party could’ve gone on a lot longer, just so we could have more time with just our small group. (By the way, check out the amazing tea infuser that was my bridesmaid gift!)

On Friday before the rehearsal we all got mani-pedis together.

Because of her love of old black & white films, Leah had settled on the 1930s as the theme for the wedding, and it came together amazingly. All us girls had different gold floor-length dresses and we had fun trying to find hairstyles and jewelry to match the time period.




Four things:

-A big part of why I love being a bridesmaid is because I get to watch how weepy and adorable the groom’s face is. Phil was so cute!

-Eric is getting very beardy isn’t he? The positive feedback he got from our friends over his mustache was wonderful.

-The table favors were wooden puzzles! Such an awesome idea! Also, they were very difficult to figure out.

-I reeeeaally love that last photo, taken by the wedding photographer.

So yes, it was a completely amazing wedding, with lots of wonderful dancing, staying up late at the hotel, and a long leisurely breakfast with everyone the next morning. Seriously wonderful. Also, I think this might’ve been the last wedding I’ll be a bridesmaid in… Kind of bittersweet, but of all weddings to finish with, this was definitely the most perfect one.