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I’m realizing I have a whole bunch of “potential” blog posts in my photos and stuff, and I really need to get on posting these things! So here’s one that I’m very happy about: The second in my five year long series of Christmas ornament nesting dolls.

Eric & I decided to give each other a handmade ornament at every Christmas, beginning when we got married. Years ago I got a set of blank Russian nesting dolls, and during the Christmas of 2011 I decided to paint the smallest of the dolls to look like Eric. You can see it here.

So for 2012 I did the second smallest doll:


I again did a portrait of Eric, again filling it with little details that remind us of the year of 2012: He’s sitting behind the wheel and in the driver seat of our Camry (because of all the touring we did in 2012), he’s in his sleeping bag (because of countless night sleeping in the car on tour), he’s wearing his Ron Swanson breakfast t-shirt (designed by a friend over at Pop Prints), and he has a bottle of Dr Enuf on the dashboard (from our love of Johnson City).


I look forward to the adventures of our future years and how the next three nesting dolls will turn out! I really do love this idea, if I may say so myself.