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After our long spring tour we cut way down on shows for this summer. We wanted to give ourselves the time we needed to record the new Pocket Vinyl album (bee tea dub, recording is completely finished as of last week!! We’re waiting on mixing & mastering, but all the physical playing and singing is finished!!) as well as our Kickstarter and resting up before we take off from Korea in two weeks (that is coming up fast!). We did, however, schedule in a couple little local (ish) shows, and one took place last weekend in Chester, Massachusetts. We have some friends up there (Chris & Kate, they own three paintings already, including the one that inspired our current sticker design!) that are working for a tiny (and very old) New England church: Cornerstone Christian Church. They have a little basement coffeehouse and host musical acts once a month. Since Chris’ job is to book the acts, he graciously offered us the June slot! Eric & I headed up to Chester early for a delicious gluten-free & vegan dinner at Chris & Kate’s adorable apartment and enjoyed great conversation and entertainment from their toddler Alice before walking not even a block away to the church. It was a modest crowd for the show, but people seemed to really enjoy it and it was nice to be among friends. Untitled-1 Kate was actually bidding on the painting for her friend who couldn’t be there that night, and won it for her. We found it amusing the put the sleepy and glazed-looking toddler as the person who’d won the bidding on the painting. IMG_7367 Now, our very last Pocket Vinyl show before we head to Korea is actually TONIGHT! We’ll be returning to Torrington, CT for another show at The Desultory Theater Club. Info for tonight’s show can be found here.