We woke up on Monday, July 1st (Canada Day!) at 4:30 in the morning. I did mention that our nap the afternoon before had been a bad idea. We couldn’t sleep though, so we had breakfast, coffee, & tea out on our balcony and watched the haze over the city lighten.


Mondays are Galilee Church’s day-of-rest, so we had nothing to do all day. We figured we’d head in to Yawoori (the mall and downtown area) on our new bus passes and wander around there a bit. We were up so early that nothing was open yet when we first arrived.

Besides just wandering we did have a motive in mind: we need to get some long-sleeved shirts. Belle told us that our tattoos are inappropriate for church. She did make it clear that if we were employed at her English academy, she would have no problem with the tattoos, but the senior pastor at Galilee had asked that, for whenever we’re at the church, we cover up. Have I mentioned the ridiculously hot mugginess? This is going to be tough. Plus, it’s the first time either of us have been told our tattoos need to be covered up… It’s an odd feeling.

We didn’t end up finding any long sleeved shirts, but we did go see World War Z with Korean subtitles! I’d actually read the book when we were here last! Also, terrifying. Seriously. But really well made. I recommend it, but be sure you have an arm to cling to for all the jumpy parts.

We were back at our apartment at about 4:30 in the afternoon and, in a very dumb move that we tried so hard to fight but couldn’t, fell asleep. Seven hours later I’m wide awake. We are seriously not helping ourselves get over this jetlag at all! It’s about 1:30 am now on Tuesday, July 2nd. Thankfully, we get two days off a week and Tuesdays will be our second day off… So, we still have time to get into a normal Korean schedule. Seriously though, we’re both wide awake right now and I know we need to sleep. This is pretty bad.