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How about an art post, eh? It’s been a while. Gotta keep things varied.

Here’s a painting I fished a few weeks before we left for Korea. Way way back when Pocket Vinyl got 1,000 Likes on our Facebook page, we decided to do a drawing for one lucky fan to win a free painting of whatever they wanted! (By the way, I’m sure once we hit 2,000 there will be some new awesome drawing, but only for Facebook fans, so go ahead and Like the page.) We got a lot of super sweet entries for what people wanted a painting of if they happened to win, but we did pick the winner completely randomly.

Turns out a couple won the painting and requested something for their toddler’s bedroom. The only instructions for the painting were “a bird on a branch and a butterfly” and “earth tones”. How I wanted to execute the painting itself was entirely up to me. I decided to go with a different, more illustrative style, inspired by cut paper art and with images from the Secret of Kells running through the back of my mind.


I used mainly flat acrylics for the entire painting, on gessoed 24″ x 24″ masonite board. It is tough to see in these photos, but the “black” is actually a metallic-y deep copper.


So yeah, they got this totally free painting by me, simply because they Like Pocket Vinyl on Facebook. You should too! Maybe you can get something for free!

Epilogue: The parents of the toddler who commissioned this told us that before their daughter tells the painting goodnight. Adorable, right? I consider that a painting success.