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I am a grumpy grump. This cold that I have won’t quit lingering. I’ve been able to get up and do things, but if I talk too much I go into these non-stop coughing fits where I can’t breathe. Usually the reason I’m talking too much is because I’m answering questions from Koreans about the English language. Kinda sucks that the one thing they’re trying to get out of me is my voice and I can’t even talk!! I’m pretty angry at this cold right now. Three times in the past two days I’ve had wide-eyed groups of Koreans ask me if I was ok. Two of those times were groups of children. If I could have one moment I would like to never have to relive, it’s the moment when 15 scared-looking Korean children are asking me if I’m going to be ok while I’m gasping and tears are streaming down my face as I tell them that I’m fine, everything will be fine!

Bonus! I haven’t been able to sleep the past three nights because as soon as I snuggle into bed to get some much-needed rest, coughing fits attack me like it’s their one job! Last night I was leaning over the side of the bed, hacking and gasping until about 2:00 in the morning. And as soon as I’d begin to drift off the sleep, another coughing fit with attack my heaving lungs!! This is the worst!!! Today was the longest day ever, and I’m reeeeaaally hoping I can finally get some actual restful sleep tonight. Please sickness, just let me sleep!!

Anyways, while I sit and wait for the NyQuil to kick in (friends from the States lent me their bottle; we haven’t been able to find any here in Korea) I figured I’d continue with updates on my backlog of completed art.

Another painting I finished just days before we left for Korea was this one, which we donated to a charity auction to raise money for a family while they are in process of adopting a baby from China. The painting is done in acrylics emulating the similar art style that I’d been doing with the bird & butterfly painting. This piece is also unusual in that it’s painted on a 12″ x 12″ deep wrapped stretched canvas. I really like the wrapped around finished look of it, and how elegant it seems.





I like complimentary colours.

I’m unsure of how the charity auction has gone (or even if it has yet to happen), but regardless of what they get for my painting, I do hope they’re able to raise a large amount of what the process is costing. I’m always willing to help out with an adoption, that’s a cause I definitely get behind completely.