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Wow, my views for the blog really skyrocketed on that last post. thanks for sharing it around guys!

Here’s some fresh Pocket Vinyl news for you, as well as some fresh art: We have just released a brand-spankin’-new Pocket Vinyl EP! Five awesome new songs by Eric, and a little piece of Asian adventure inspired art by me!

Here’s the link to the EP (digital only) so you can begin listening while you finished reading the rest of this post:

Gun Bae! by Pocket Vinyl

You can listen to it for free, or give us a teeny bit of money if you want to but it. (It’s super cheap! And Eric and I both put a lot of work into it!)

Here’s just the artwork, done in a wash of watercolours under some sketchy pen and ink on paper:



There’s a sweet mini story behind the art as well: Part of my heart will always be in Japan, Sapporo specifically, after I spent a semester studying there in college. When I first arrived in Japan my adviser told me that public displays of affection were extremely rare and looked down upon, especially by elders in the Japanese culture. Not long after that (it could’ve even been the same day, I don’t quite remember) I saw the couple I’ve drawn above: a sweet little old Japanese man and a sweet little old Japanese woman, not holding hands (because that would be considered not-ok PDA, but each holding the ends of a rolled up newspaper. It was so adorable!!! The image of this cute old Japanese couple still so in love stuck with me for the past 5 years, and I always wanted to figure out a good way to represent it. When I mentioned the story to Eric recently (I’m surprised I’d never told him about them before) he immediately said that it needed to be the cover of our new EP.

But, we definitely wanted to represent our love of Korea and our many experiences here. So, the street that the couple is on is one right by our apartment, and the name of the EP is “Gun Bae!”, the Korean word for “cheers!” (literally, “dry glass”).

There are a few other mini Easter eggs in there, but find them yourself! I can’t spell out every little thing for you!! Hope you enjoy it! Gun Bae!