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This is the story of the Little Boy in Blue at the Daecheon Beach  on August 19…

There was a big jellyfish scare and the lifeguards made everyone get out of the water. We all sat on the shore hoping the jellyfish would leave, but none hoped so much as the Little Boy in Blue, with his swim cap, life jacket, and whale floatie…


While we waited, a small gaggle of boys from a youth group parked themselves directly in front of our umbrella and had a jolly ol’ time splashing one another and laughing. The Little Boy in Blue cautiously approached, hoping to join in on the fun…


But upon inspecting his swim cap and life jacket, the other boys turned their backs and wouldn’t allow the Little Boy in Blue to play with them.

Bored of waiting for the jellyfish to leave, Eric began crafting a sandcastle, attracting the bewildered stares of the girls in the youth group.


But as the tide rushed in and threatened to destroy his masterpiece, Eric urgently invited the boys to assist in building up the moats!


And none worked so hard and with such vigor and passion as the Little Boy in Blue, happy just to be included (and having abandoned this swim cap and life jacket).

And as the tide advanced above the powers of their reinforced moat and most of the other boys began to lose interest and dirt away, Eric and the Little Boy in Blue saluted their sinking castle.


Day: made.