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Well this is interesting. It seems that in the shuffle of coming to Korea and all that that encompasses, I completely forgot the update of our last Stateside Pocket Vinyl show, way back on June 14 in Torrington, Connecticut at the Artwell Gallery. Eric & I seriously love art gallery shows, and this one did not disappoint, with a fairly packed out house and a handful of good friends (our college friend Orion was visiting too, which made it extra special!).

The very quirky Lana Peck opened the show with costumes, videos, music, and a song that instantly made Dr Who fans fall in love with her.


As you can see, I painted a couple of flying chickens during our set.


Something heartbreaking: On our newest and third album (due out in October) Eric has written a song about the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. It hit us both exceptionally hard, what with the school being so close to where we live. Eric chose to play the song live that evening, and it was only the second time he’s ever done so. And although the first playing a week or so earlier hadn’t been too bad, during this time both Eric & I got so emotional that it became difficult to continue on with the show… Torrington is only about a half hour away from the school, and something we hadn’t realized until after the set was that the date of this show was the 6-month anniversary of the shooting. A few audience members quietly showed themselves out during the song, not wanting to relive the painful memories. Eric decided that he won’t play this song live again, it’s just too painful…


As per request, I’m including the lyrics to the above mentioned song. Only if you’ve been to one of the two shows where Eric played it live have you yet had a chance to hear it. As I mentioned, the new Pocket Vinyl album, Death Anxiety, that this song will be release on, doesn’t come out until October of this year. A quick note (and I pretty well never do this): This album that Eric has composed and put together is, in my opinion, some of the best work he has ever done. The songs are breathtaking and thought-provoking. By happenstance, all of the songs revolve around questions about death, but in an extremely honest and completely open way. Excluding the Newtown song, most of the songs focus not on sadness but on conversation, hope, and beliefs. I am extremely excited for all of you to hear this album.

Verse 1:
The police held him back with force

Couldn’t calm himself down to believe

Tried to scream while drowned in tears

Never felt more alive than within this grief

I saw you an hour ago
And now your body has left your soul
The bullets stained those tiny clothes
They didn’t know
I saw you an hour ago
Now your school is fully closed
The least comforting thing is
You’re not alone
Verse 2:
She said goodbye but she had no thought
That that goodbye would be the last he got
Standing now, trying to wake up
Overwhelmed that she can feel this much
Verse 3:
We watched the news, it seemed so absurd
Half the room had had their mouths covered
We couldn’t work, couldn’t think or move
What possessed that man?  What did he have to prove?