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Speaking of Pocket Vinyl shows…

We actually had our very first overseas show last month!! My dad’s old college roommate Paul recently got back in touch with him and as it turns out, he’s a professor at the Yonsei University International Campus near Incheon, here in Korea. Paul heard about our band through my dad and began listening and keeping in touch with what we were up to. When we began making our plans to head to Korea for a few months Paul took it as a perfect opportunity to invite us to do a little intimate show at the University. Details were smoothed out and it was decided that we’d perform for him and some of his friends and students for his Birthday get together on July 29th.

Eric & I took the long subway ride towards Incheon, arriving in the afternoon with enough time to wander around the very quiet campus and neighborhood. We found our way to a small chapel in one of the University buildings and discovered that that was where the performance would take place. There was a small keyboard in a wooden stand for Eric, and I was provided with a large sheet of paper that I taped to the wall. Since they take up so much space I’d chosen to leave my oil paints at home, but I found a small set of soft pastels here in Korea and I planned on using these instead. (On Sundays I do illustrations while Eric tells Bible stories to the Korean kids, so this was very much what I was used to doing every week.)


It was the first time Eric had practiced piano since coming to Korea, so we were glad for the extra time before the show to work some things out. After Paul showed up a small handful of people trickled in and we got started. At the end of the show we gave the drawing I did to Paul (since it was his Birthday) and he treated everyone in attendance to a Birthday pizza dinner. (By the way, as you can see the pastels made a rather large dusty colourful mess below the drawing. Eric & I cleaned it up before heading off.)


(The neighborhood that the International Campus is in is still newly developing, and with the heavy fog that came in  as evening rolled in, it felt as though we were standing on the edge of the world.)

So, very first overseas show! Hopefully some day we’ll actually get to do a full tour out here.