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How about a post about art, hm?

Remember when Eric & I both got incredibly sick after SXSW near San Antonio, Texas and had to cancel a couple shows in Houston? And how we were so incredibly grateful that our friend Deborah’s brother’s family let us camp out in their living room while we rested up and let the sickness pass? Well, while we were there I had been working on a set of paintings as a wedding gift commissioned by our good friend Kendal for his new wife Gabby. Well, the whole family enjoyed watching the progress of those four paintings and Tammy, Deborah’s sister-in-law expressed how she’d love to commission me to do a painting someday for the large bare wall in the living room where Eric & I were staying. (Here’s a photo I took of the living room and the paintings for Kendal & Gabby.)


When Tammy was out of earshot Deborah asked if she could order the commission as a gift for Tammy, and we quietly worked out the details. Once home in CT this spring, I got to work on Tammy’s commission. Deborah had left all artistic decisions up to me, including subject matter, and I had a really fun time experimenting with a bunch of techniques I’d been researching recently. Deborah and I had decided on a triptych. Here are a handful of in-process shots of the piece (of course with the cats adorably getting in the way as much as possible.)

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As you might be able to tell from one of the photos of the close to finished piece above, I used a gold coloured metallic paint for the “ground”, and I really loved the effect of that. The entire thing was painted on three 16″ x 24″ masonite boards (24″ x 48″ as the final piece) using acrylic paint. Here’s the finished piece, all together.


I was able to ship it off to Texas right before we left for Korea, and was thrilled to hear later that Tammy was not only completely shocked when the piece arrived, but she absolutely loves it. So happy I could make her happy.