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When Eric first lived here in Korea back in 2009 he met a guy from the States in the same teaching program (with the Korean Nazarene University) as him named Hal. Hal stuck around Korea for a while and married a Korean woman named Moon. The two of them were living in the States until just recently, when they moved back to Cheonan and bought a coffee shop just a few streets away from the Korean Nazarene University campus. Hal has worked in coffee shops in the States and really wanted to open an American-style coffee shop here in Korea that focuses on building a community rather than just trying to sell coffee. They chose the spot near KNU with hopes that they’ll attract a lot of the foreign teachers that work through KNU and will be able to establish a strong community for English and Korean speakers alike.

Last month Eric & I bumped into Hal & Moon and they gave us a tour of what they’d bought, and explained the plans they had to change the space into what they were envisioning. (Check out their Facebook for some pretty stark before-and-after pictures.) Eric & I offered to help out and quickly found ourselves painting and helping arrange furniture. I am completely amazed at how drastically they changed the entire look and feel of the place in just three weeks.

As they neared their anticipated grand opening they asked me to help them out with a logo design, and after a lot of brain storming and sketching, they settled on these two:


Once that was established I got to work painting a mini mural on their back wall, along with their tagline: “Drink Coffee. Build Community. Change the World.”


On Wednesday, August 21st, they had a soft opening, giving an open invitation to everyone at the KNU International English Church to come do a taste testing and fill out a short questionnaire about the drinks and what they hoped to get from such a community.


(Moon’s brother and co-owner is a master coffee artist, and takes great pride in having locally and fresh roasted beans from people they know personally. They also make their own baked goods and syrups from scratch.)

They officially had their grand opening this past Monday, August 26th (yeah, my Birthday!) with free drinks to the first few costumers and 20% off everything for the first week. The place looks amazing, and Eric & I are both so impressed with how they’ve changed the place. Plus, it’s super fun seeing my own handiwork up on signs out front and on the wall inside.


I’m sure we’ll be spending quite a few days hanging out here before we leave Korea in a few weeks, sipping lattes and playing games or reading.

*For those of you in Cheonan and looking for the location of this place, check out their Facebook page. They’re only one block away from Signore Pizza, a block up from the main street Lotte Mart is on, near KNU. (Google Map search: 36.798413,127.118881)