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This post is related to the last one.

While we were helping Hal & Moon paint and redecorate, Moon talked about how bare the walls were and asked if I’d want to show some artwork as their very first art exhibition in their brand new coffee shop! I was thrilled. After some quick brainstorming I made out a call to the internet world for portraits (you might be one of those that sent in their images). I got loads of responses and it was super difficult sifting through all the tons of pieces, but finally I settled on 12 images and got to work. I found some really nice watercolour paper at a local art supply shop in great colours, along with a variety of pens. The walls of the coffee shop are tan, with dark chocolate-coloured furniture and bright blue pillows. So I went with white & grey, chocolate, and blue

Here are a few of the finished pieces, each approximately¬†7 3/4″ x 10 3/4″, ink on paper:





And here are a few of the pieces, hanging on the walls of the coffee shop, alongside my Artist Statement and business cards:



To see all the pieces together, please check out my art Facebook account.

My first international art show! Pretty exciting.