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This past Friday we had our second international Pocket Vinyl show! The Coffee Mission here in Cheonan decided to host us as their second big music event since opening. We borrowed a keyboard from our friend Steve who’s a professor at KNU. I taped a thick sheet of poster board to the wall since we didn’t have an easel, and I used some dollar store pastels since I didn’t bring oil paints with me (which I also used at our last Korean show).



The cafe filled up comfortably with both Koreans ans foreigners, and we got started soon after 8:00. Both Eric & I felt nervous (weird!) since it’d been so long since playing a show, and since we didn’t have our regular equipment, but I think after a couple songs we soon felt comfortable.

Hilariously fun fact: We were almost shut down by the cops. I know. And all we had was a little keyboard, a teeny amp, and Eric’s voice. Hilarious! Though because of that Eric decided to cut the set short which seriously freaked me out and made me reevaluate the image I was going for.

It was such a fun show though, one of the best I’ve played in a long, long time. Performing, then hanging out afterwards, especially after having gone so long without doing a show, just really reminded of how much I love doing Pocket Vinyl shows and live art and everything involved! I love it! I’m so happy this is our lives!

Also, two absolutely spectacular things:

First, Elijah (from a few posts ago) drove from Seoul (2-3 hours!) just to see us perform, and took home the art piece I created…

IMG_9401 copy




… and gave me a spectacular late Birthday gift that he made himself using a couple of my own past art pieces!! (He made one for Eric as well, as a “bonus”, as he called it.



Mine uses an art piece example I made when I was teaching illuminated manuscript to my high school art classes at JSMS, and Eric’s has two tattoos that I designed. They’re too beautiful to use as luggage tags, so I think we’ll be using them as Christmas ornaments.

The second absolutely spectacular thing that happened at that show was that Rose came. Rose is so important to me, and over the past weeks we’ve gotten really close. As close as two people who can practically not communicate in the least can get. I really love her, and it hurts my heart to leave Korea because of her. I was incredibly proud of myself three days before the show when, after about 15 minutes of showing her photos and using the few common words we know, she realized that I was inviting her to our show and enthusiastically said that she would attend. She even double checked with me on Friday morning. But as I was leaving the church just three hours before our show and I asked if I’d be seeing her later that night, she said no and quickly turned away. I’m not even going to try to hide the fact that I was heartbroken. I didn’t understand and although I tried being cheery as we set up, I felt more sad than I thought I would that Rose wouldn’t be coming. Well, something must have been lost in translation because partway through our set Eric told me to turn around, where I saw Rose leaning forward in her seat grinning and waving at me! Who would’ve thought that the sight of a 40-something Chinese lady would make me so joyous! After the show when I went to say hi I proudly showed off the drawings I’d created for the walls of the coffee shop and the big logo mural in the back. Seriously, so happy. I’m going to miss Rose so much.

We said our goodbyes to Elijah before he headed out on the long trip home, then exhausted (but very happy) we stumbled home. I am super excited to start on those tour dates once we get back to the States.