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Monday, September 9th, was one of our last real free days in Korea. We’d already made sure we did most of the “big” final things we were wanting to do before leaving Korea, but we also didn’t want to waste a good day. I got up early and headed over to the second floor of Nescafe, by E Mart, where I enjoyed the quiet of the morning with a green tea latte and a couple good solid hours of drawing (I had a goal of completing an illustration commission before we began heading home).



I really wish we had a little local cafe within walking/biking distance of our place in CT. I would draw there constantly.

Once I got home Eric excitedly showed me how our friend Broc (Beardo & Dreads) was quickly becoming a meme across the internet (the Fox photobomb had just happened, and the Today Show thing hadn’t happened yet). I still can’t get over how hilarious that whole thing is to me.

Soon after getting home we decided to tackle a very low addition to our Korean Bucket List: Hiking a small mountain range over by KNU. We’d hiked it 3 1/3 years ago, but this time around we were having trouble finding a path. But a few days earlier a friend directed us to where we could jump onto the path, and so off we went.



Pictures from our hike: 1) The start of our climb, 2) One of the many work-out machines sprinkled along the tops of the mountain range (there are outdoor work-out machines everywhere in Korea), 3) a grave site (most grave sites are on the sides of mountains), 4) a strange very short mosaic rock path during a level part of the hike, 5) the beautiful traditional Korean gazebo at the top of the last peak, and 6) us, super sweaty but feeling so great.

After showers and dinner we headed out for another Korean Bucket List adventure: the Rolling Stones bar near Cheonan Station. This is a small dirty basement bar that Eric found on his own the last time we were here. The guy who runs the bar has a massive vinyl record collection and lets you request songs on small pieces of paper. Also, you can smoke at this bar. We got a couple of Casses, had a couple of smokes, and a drunk Korean guy at the table next to us became best friends with Eric. It was a lot of fun.


The entire day really was just awesome. We’re sad to be leaving Korea, but so grateful for awesome days like this one.