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Time for some quick wrap-ups so I can get back into the swing of things here. The last Pocket Vinyl show I posted about was at the Rock & Art Shop in Bangor, Maine, way back on October 5th. Lots of shows, traveling, and paintings happened in the past two months.

First: I had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction on October 11 and couldn’t make it off the couch for our scheduled show at the Witch Hause, in Amherst, MA that night. Eric took one of the team and headed out to the show alone, giving a solo show and representing the both of us. Apparently they loved him, and he even auctioned off a mini painting I’d done almost a year ago that hadn’t sold previously. Hopefully someday they’ll have us back for a full show in the future.




On October 18 we had a show up in Cambridge, MA at Gallery 263 alongside our good Houghton College friend, Alex Glover. It was awesome seeing him and hearing him play.





At that show a girl in the audience told us that her sister has synesthesia, which is what our song “I Hear Colors” is about. Later she played our song for her sister, and gave us this report back about the colours and shapes she saw through our music. Pretty awesome.

On October 24 we performed a Live Lunch Break at the Telegraph in New London, CT, to get ready for our big upcoming album release show at the end of October.