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For this tour I’m going to try to keep updating Pocket Vinyl shows as they happen. Our tour kicked off with a crippling migraine yesterday! Eric was awesome, packing everything up and making sure we had everything we’d need for the next 2 weeks while I lay curled up in the dark with a cool cloth on my face. We hit the road by 2:30 and thankfully, about a half hour before arriving to our first show of the tour, my migraine slowly faded away. I was sort of knocked out from the exhaustion of dealing with it all day, but the show was awesome anyways. We played at the Moonlit Oasis Hookah Lounge in Bloomsburg, PA. Quite a party college town. But the venue was great and full of awesome people. Everyone was enjoying hookahs and tea, and we played about an hour long set.



We first heard about the hookah lounge because someone had recommended we check it out on our Facebook page. Turns out she was there and she got the painting and she’d gone to Houghton College with us! Pretty awesome. We all hung out a while longer after our set, talking about board games mostly. One of the guys at the show, Dylan, invited us back to his apartment to crash in the living room, which we really appreciated.

The next morning (today) after an awesome breakfast by Dylan we hit the road again towards Lancaster, PA.



We were taking our time today, stopping at a large farmers’ market to wander through the homemade candy and alpaca yarn. When we hit Hershey we pulled a quick u-turn into the Tröegs brewery for a mini tour and to grab some poutine. Not your typical Blah-Blah’s (Quebec diner) poutine; this stuff was garnished with rosemary! A really nice touch, as a matter of fact. Unfortunately, Eric & I both decided to not drink for this tour, so we didn’t get any beer samples.

Tonight, we’re back at the Arts House here in Lancaster! It’s like our 4th or 5th time playing here, we really love these guys.

Tomorrow’s our first of 3 days off these next two weeks, then we’ll be in DC. Here’s the full list of our tour dates, and don’t forget to check out our website for any updates!

Dec. 6 – Lancaster, PA – Arts House

8 PM Dec. 8 – Washington DC – Electric Maid

8 PM Dec. 9 – Appomattox, VA – Baine’s Books and Coffee 6 PM

Dec. 10 – Charlottesville, VA – The Box

Dec. 11 – Lynchburg, VA – Drowsy Poet  8 PM

Dec. 12 – Blacksburg, VA – XYZ Gallery   6:30 PM

Dec. 13 – Roanoke, VA – 501 Speakeasy

Dec. 14 – Jamestown, NC – Turntable    8 PM

Dec. 16 – Norfolk, VA – Borjo Coffeehouse   7 PM

Dec. 18 – Baltimore, MD – Sidebar    9 PM

Dec. 19 – Newark, DE – Home Grown Cafe   10 PM

Dec. 20 – Alexandria, VA – St. Elmo’s Cafe   8 PM

Dec. 21 – Philadelphia, PA – TBA