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Continuing on…

November 11 (Happy Remembrance Day!): Our second and final day off for the rest of this tour. And we just happened to be in Elizabethtown, PA and my ex-roomie & her husband just happened to have the day off! Breaky at a dinner and 2nd and Charles and playing Gloom.


November 12: Back on the road towards New Hope, PA and a show at the 11.12 Triumph Brewing Co. They fed us well and had great beers, and Eric’s cousin Jonny came out!

IMG_1171 copy


Slept in the car that night. Not the best for Eric’s hurt leg.

November 13: The goose-egg on Eric’s knee was getting more purple, though he was limping less. We encountered snow at a rest stop, and we headed in to Lock Haven, PA for a show at Avenue 209 for the second time.



Slept in the car again that night. It’s getting colder and our sleeping bags aren’t as sturdy as they once were. A couple sweatshirts, a couple pairs of socks, and a hat make it ok though.

November 14: Back to Frederick, MD again for a visit with our good friend Andrew and a show at Cafe Nola. During our song Foggy Mess Andrew sat in on guitar. It was pretty awesome having him put a new spin on the song!



This is actually my favorite painting from the tour… One I wouldn’t have minded keeping for myself. 



November 15: We headed up to Lancaster and met some good Houghton College friends, Broc & Emily, for dinner. Our friends from the Cook n Maid show gave us a call to say that their Lancaster show had just been canceled and asked if they could jump onto our bill. We played at Pillar Hookah Lounge and more college friends and friends of friends and Arts House friends showed up. We had a fairly hefty crowd for the show! And our friend Nate wore one of our very first Pocket Vinyl t-shirts from 2010!

During the show Eric’s seat fell apart (again) and pinched his leg pretty bad, where it already had bruising from the Cook n Maid show.





That night we went back to Elizabethtown again to stay with my ex-roomie again.

November 16 (Happy Birthday Dad!): We spent a leisurely morning in Elizabethtown before heading north towards Warwick, NY for a show at the Tuscan Cafe. While watching some of the other bands I got talking with a girl who’d come to see another band. She ended up winning the bid on the painting for the night.





After the show the drummer from one of the other bands invited us to spend the night on a futon at his really awesome place on a lake. We definitely appreciated not having to sleep in our car again. 

November 17: Last day of tour! The guy we stayed with the night before recommended an awesome giant music store not too far away where we were able to finally pick up a new piano bench for Eric. After the thing falling apart 5 or 6 times on stage, it was time to let it go. (Goodbye old bench, hello new bench!)


Our show that night was in Kingston, NY at the Anchor. It was a rainy Sunday night and the place was pretty dead, but the venue treated us well, with a really awesome dinner and Three Philosophers on tap. 

Although a few of the people present told us they loved the show afterwards, no one was interested in bidding on the painting. 283 shows and the second painting that hasn’t sold. This kind of thing is never easy to deal with… Luckily, we just drove straight home after the show, so we didn’t have to cart around a big wet painting for too long. 



And that was our November tour!