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Seriously, what’s up with this tour? Maybe December is a bad month for us…

I forgot to mention earlier: The reason we had a day off on Saturday (the 7th) was because a guy who offered to do a “show swap” (we help him find places to play in CT, he helps us find places to play where he’s from) decided to cut contact with us after we gave him some help. Maybe I’m bitter, but maybe you shouldn’t do that to people.

Then, because the ice storm around DC was so crappy (everyone was saying to stay inside), and because we couldn’t get in contact with the venue (we didn’t even know if the place was open), we made a judgment call and canceled the show on Sunday, the 8th. I’m glad we did, those roads seemed really dangerous. Instead, good friends made us feel a lot better with Chinese food and Jingle All the Way. As disappointing as canceling a show was, it turned into a fun night.

On Monday, December 9, we left Annapolis and even the next day, it was terrifying driving out of the city. The roads were awful. Once out of the city and heading towards Virginia we were ok. Our Monday night show was at Baine’s Books and Coffee in Appomattox, VA. The sign outside said that “Paper Vinyl” would be playing that night.



The coffee shop was empty most of the evening, but during our show about 15-20 people trickled in and it turned out really well. The couple that won the bid on the painting also offered us their guest room not too far away. And they had a new kitten!! We fell in love with him immediately.



The next day, Tuesday the 10th (yesterday), we had a ton of time to kill. Our show that night was scheduled in Charlottesville, VA, less than an hour and a half away, and we weren’t suppose to start until 10:30 that night. So we decided to head over to Lynchburg, VA. We were scheduled to perform there Wednesday (tonight), but it was only 20 minutes away and the girl we had stayed the night with recommended a dollar theater in the area. (Dollar theaters are the best! Spending $1.50 to see a movie compared to $10.50? Yeah.) We saw We’re the Millers, with literally no idea what it was about. It’d been a long time since either of us have laughed that hard during a movie. Surprisingly hilarious.

Then, a slightly uncomfortable discovery: in the same plaza as the movie theater we spotted the Drowsy Poet, the venue we were scheduled to play at the next day… But it was completely dark. We decided to brush the foreboding-ness off, remembering that someone had mentioned that there are two Drowsy Poets in town, and we must be scheduled to play at the other one…

(PS We kept seeing these weird billboards all over Virginia. Um… weird.)



We left Lynchburg and headed to Charlottesville for our show last night at the Box. We hadn’t heard from the guy who’d booked us in weeks (months?) and there was some miscommunication when we showed up (they expected us to perform from 10:30 through 2:00… We don’t do shows that long). Things got worked out, but it was about 5:00 and we still had 6 hours to wait until we were suppose to start playing. At 11:00. We ended up mostly just hanging out at the box. It was freezing out and there didn’t seem to be much else to do anyway. The bartender and cook were cool, and we ate really well for free (we both had Pho for for the first time). Then we passed the time watching muted basketball while I knitted…

One or two friends of the guys working trickled in, but only for a few minutes at a time. At 10:30, a half hour before we were suppose to start, the two guys working went out for smoke breaks and the entire venue was completely empty except for us… They kept telling us that Tuesday in particular had been super dead, and that usually they closed early because no one was around…

Finally at 11:00 we called it. Third canceled show so far. At least we got dinner, and the guys were cool. We went back to the car and drove the the nearest Walmart. It was a particularly cold night. Despite three pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, and three sweaters (and my sleeping bag), I had to turn on the car around 4:00 AM to get some heat.

That takes us to this morning. A walk around Walmart got our blood flowing before we got back in the car headed back to Lynchburg again. A few emails and unanswered phone calls yesterday had us worried that maybe the venue for tonight’s show really was canceled. Our suspicions were confirmed when we approached the woman behind the counter of the other Drowsy Poet in town and she very clearly made it know that the two Drowsy Poets are not in the least related and that if we had a show at the other one, it wasn’t their responsibility.

Canceled show number four.

Kind of beaten down we settled here at the Lynchburg Public Library, where I’ve been writing this from.

After about an hour of phone calls, Eric came over 15 minutes ago to let me know that he found us a show at another local coffee shop for tonight! He amazes me. We’ll be playing at the Muse here in Lynchburg.

We have nine (potential) shows left on this tour. I sure hope things improve from here. For the rest of our tour dates, check in with our website in case things change last minute…

Dec. 11 – Lynchburg, VA – The Muse  8 PM

Dec. 12 – Blacksburg, VA – XYZ Gallery   6:30 PM

Dec. 13 – Roanoke, VA – 501 Speakeasy

Dec. 14 – Jamestown, NC – Turntable    8 PM

Dec. 16 – Norfolk, VA – Borjo Coffeehouse   7 PM

Dec. 18 – Baltimore, MD – Sidebar    9 PM

Dec. 19 – Newark, DE – Home Grown Cafe   10 PM

Dec. 20 – Alexandria, VA – St. Elmo’s Cafe   8 PM

Dec. 21 – Philadelphia, PA – SOLTICE PARTY – West Philly House Show  8 PM