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Yesterday was crazy.

Like I said, we had our 4th canceled Pocket Vinyl show, but after an hour making phone calls Eric was able to find us another show last night at the Muse Coffee Shop in Lynchburg, VA. We were completely exhausted not only from the bad luck we’d been having on this tour with so many canceled shows, but also from a poor night’s sleep in a cold car. It was mid-afternoon and we hadn’t eaten yet, so we decided to head over to a nearby Panera Bread to try to get some energy. We were sitting there, feeling beaten down and not really wanting to continue on with this tour. A Panera employee that’d been wiping down tables near us came over and asked if I was done so she could take my plate. She held it for a second, about to turn away, then said, “Can I ask you guys a question? …Are you Pocket Vinyl?” We stared at her for a second, then burst out into laughter. This has never happened before where a stranger has recognized us out in public. Turns out her boyfriend came to a show of ours’ in Texas, and she’s been listening and watching our videos and she’d recognized us the minute we walked in. Seriously made our day so much better. Right when we needed a lift to our spirits too!

After that we headed over to the Muse to make sure everything really was in order and that there wouldn’t be any more last minute cancellations. We felt incredibly humbled and grateful that they’d “take us in” for a show. Then we killed some time walking around the neighborhood, stretching our legs, killing some time. We met up with one of Eric’s college friends for dinner, then one of his old camp friends back at the venue.

(Oh yeah, my hometown was on the giant wall map up at the venue.)



Like I said, we were so grateful for the opportunity to perform, and the show itself was great. The place wasn’t packed or anything, but those there really seemed to enjoy the show. (Except for this one older guy and much older woman. We haven’t really had anyone so obviously dislike our act before! They were incredibly irritated when Eric announced that we had 4 songs more to play, and got even more irritated when Eric noticed and pointed it out. They left soon after.)



After saying our goodbyes to everyone we drove back over to the couple’s house we’d stayed at after our Appomattox show. When we’d last seen them they’d given us their number, inviting us to give them a call if we needed a place to stay again. We never (seriously, never) take people up on offers like that, but we were so exhausted and beaten down from the past few events, we figured a good night’s sleep on an actual bed would probably do us some good. Those guys are amazing.

This morning we got up and drove to Blacksburg, Virginia. We have a show here tonight at the XYZ Gallery, which we’ve performed at a few times before. Hoping tonight’s show is at least as good as our past ones there.