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Show update! It’s been a few days, a few ups and downs. For the most part though things have been good. After the Muse, on December 12, we were back in Blacksburg, VA for another (third, maybe fourth?) Pocket Vinyl show at the XYZ Gallery. Unfortunately (we didn’t realize this until we got there) Virginia Tech finals started the day after our show, so the audience was much smaller than we were use to at this venue. Despite that though, they always treat us so well and everyone who was there was super awesome and encouraging.


The president of the gallery won the bid on the painting, and then even invited us back to her apartment for a full home-cooked meal and a place to sleep, despite her and her roommates having to start finals the next day. We definitely seriously appreciated a warm place to sleep and some awesome company.

The next day, Friday the 13th, we continued on to Roanoke, VA. We arrived in the morning, so we immediately found a movie theater and grabbed an early matinee of the new Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug! I seriously love how Eric is as big a fan of the Tolkien universe as I am! (And yes, we know they don’t follow the book exactly, but it’s still a fun time in hobbit-y land!)

That evening we had our show over at 501 Speakeasy, which is an awesome little dinner/bar/venue. They haven’t even been open a month yet, but they’re doing everything so well! They fed us amazing food and the place was really packed. Plus, the Roanoke music scene is so much fun. Everyone really seems to take care of each other and there’s so much talent going on!


The guy who’d set the show up also opened the night with his act, Infinite Ways. Then an act called Eat Time (consisting of two of the guys from Eternal Summers plus a drummer) did a set, and we went on last.


Besides a really good crowd, our good friend Jordan of the Gaffer Project came out, as well as our friend from The Bazaar and the Bastards of Fate guys and we got to hear stories of their international touring (such a huge dream of ours!).

After the show Jordan led us to his house that he shares with three other people, and they all hosted us incredibly well. Again, so grateful we just got to perform, and for the fact that we avoiding sleeping in our car again.