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Last night was a marathon of a Pocket Vinyl show. For a decent guarantee the venue wanted us to fill 3 hours and do two paintings. I haven’t done two paintings in a single show in over a year. The night was fairly exhausting, but it pays the bills. The venue was called Home Grown Cafe in Newark, Delaware. We drove up early from Baltimore and had a couple gluten-free, vegetarian burgers courtesy of the venue. We started our first set around 10:00 and played for about an hour-fifteen for the first set. The atmosphere of the venue was a bit off, where it seemed as though everyone there was sort of going about their own business of eating and drinking and not paying attention, but at the end of both of our sets numerous people came up to say they really enjoyed us and bought a few albums and t-shirts. Just an odd vibe really.


After a half hour break we started all over again, doing another hour-fifteen set, finishing the show close to 1:00 AM. Eric dug deep for material, pulling out old songs from all three of our past Pocket Vinyl albums. We were both fairly worn out by the end, and we still had the hour drive back to my brother’s place in Baltimore. But overall, the show turned out much better than expected.



I created the two paintings to act as companion pieces, even though they were both sold to different people.



Here they are together:



In just about an hour we’ll be heading off to Alexandria, VA for our second to last show of 2013, at St Elmo’s. Anyone who was sad about our canceled DC show at the beginning of the month should have already made plans to come out tonight!