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Since getting home after our last Pocket Vinyl show we were both so overwhelmed by Christmas festivities that I decided updating here could wait. Now things have settled down, so I’ll get back to it:

We left my older brother’s place in Baltimore on Saturday, December 21 and headed up to Philly. It was sad to say goodbye to my niece and nephew, especially with seeing how much they loved having Eric around to play with them.

Christmas traffic was definitely started, and the drive between Baltimore & Philly was pretty slow going, but we’d given ourselves plenty of time, so we actually ended up arriving at House of the Rise Up Singing a couple hours early and were able to help set up for the show. The place was pretty awesome, everyone was super friendly and welcoming, and as the night went on the house filled up nicely. A band called Action Bell opened the show, then we played, then Silverton finished the night with a couple Christmas songs thrown into their mix. A couple of the members of Silverton also live at the house, and helped us get the show set up.




We were packed up and in our car by 12:10 AM, and decided we’d drive straight home to Connecticut. After the traffic earlier we knew that if we waited until morning that it’d take us way longer to get home, especially since our rout was taking up right through New York City. And after this tour we just really wanted to home home!

We finally pulled into our driveway at 5:00 AM and crashed, completely exhausted but so incredibly happy to be safely in our own bed. It’d be a rough tour, and we have no more shows until after the New Year. It feels so good to be home.