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In the First Nations community of Kawawachikamach, where I grew up in Northern Quebec, the Naskapi people have a collection of legends about a character named Chahkapas, a child-sized full-grown man with super-human strength. Recently I was commissioned to do a collection of ink illustrations to accompany these stories, along the same lines of the Wolverine illustrations I did about a year and a half ago. Those illustrations have been published in a book by the Naskapi community, and I highly recommend it, the stories are fascinating.

I completed the illustrations for the Chahkapas collection during my final weeks in Korea at the beginning of this past fall. The book of legends complete with my illustrations is currently in the works, and should be available soon. Here are a few of the pieces I created for these stories:


To see the rest of these illustrations, as well as a summery of the legends, please follow this link.