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We’ve already had a couple shows in 2014, and right now we’ve just started out on our January tour. Let me catch you up to speed:

On January 3rd, we had our first Pocket Vinyl show of 2014 at the Lost Dog Cafe in Binghamton, NY. Typically we wouldn’t do such a long drive for just one show, but they were hosting us as part of the Binghamton first Friday art walk, plus a decent guarantee and dinner. So we decided to make the journey. However, “Super Storm Hercules” hit the night before. (Really now? Less than 8 inches of snow and you feel the need to name it? And a Greek god, nonetheless?? Caaaaalm down everyone. This is pure fear-mongering by the weather stations.) So yeah, it was cold and snowy. But the snow had pretty much stopped by the time we needed to leave, so we decided not to cancel the show. We did give ourselves quite a bit of extra time to arrive at the venue, so after eating we decided to take a very cold walk through Binghamton. And Eric experienced a frosty beard for the first time ever!



The show was ok, though the person who’d set it up apologized, saying that if it weren’t for the snow they would’ve had five times as many people in the bar. Oh well.


Because of the cold, we decided that sleeping in our car that night wouldn’t be the best idea, so we stayed up and drove straight home, pulling into our driveway at around 6:00 AM on January 4th.

Then, we had our 300th show that night, closer to home this time, in New London at 33 Golden Street.

That show was pretty chill; a handful of our friends came out, our friend James Maple opened for us, and our friends Marc & Kevin played drums & bass during our set. Our friend Heather took a few photos during the sets:



Also, a woman who use to have a small shop on the same street as 33 Golden St recently had to close shop due to some big medical issues, and the New London community has been pulling together to help her and her family with the bills. Eric & I decided to donate half of everything we made on this show to that cause. If you’re feeling giving I’d like to encourage you to send some money her way, through a donation site our friend Rich set up. There’s two days left to make a donation. Follow this link.



Then we had a few short days off to get everything ready for our January tour, which we left on yesterday. We had a big drive out to Ohio to start, so we decoded to break it up and are staying at our friend Luke’s place outside Sandusky right now. Our first show of this tour is tonight, at a vineyard (one we’d had to cancel during our tour in Spring 2013, but were luckily able to reschedule). Following are the dates and locations were we’ll be. If we’ll be coming by you we’d love to see you, please let us know! And thanks for checking in!

Jan. 10 – Sandusky, OH – Hermes Vineyard    8 PM

Jan. 11 – Ann Arbor, MI – Yellow Barn      8 PM

Jan. 12 – Ypsilanti, MI – Woodruff’s      10 PM

Jan. 13 – Ferndale, MI – The Party Mansion     7 PM

Jan. 14 – East Lansing, MI – (SCENE) Metrospace      8 PM

Jan. 15 – Kalamazoo, MI – Old Dog Tavern   9 PM

Jan. 16 – Beverly Shores, IN – Bartlett’s      8 PM

Jan. 17 – Valparaiso, IN – Front Porch Music      8 PM

Jan. 18 – Chesterton, IN – House show! (open to public)   6 PM

Jan. 19 – Chesterton, IN – Duneland Community Church    4 PM

Jan. 20 – Portage, IN – The Tri-Engel   6:30 PM

Jan. 22 – Chicago, IL – JPUSA

Jan. 23 – Toledo, OH – Ottawa Tavern    9 PM

Jan. 24 – Jamestown, NY – Mojo’s    11 PM

Jan. 26 – Williamsport, PA – Bullfrog Brewery   8 PM