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Well, we hung out at our friend Luke’s all day yesterday while he was at work. His one cat yelled at us all day; he’s very vocal. I’m pretty sure it was friendly yelling. In the early evening we packed up and headed out to Sandusky, Ohio for our first Pocket Vinyl show of this tour, at Herme’s Vineyard & Winery. It was a dreary, melty, rainy night, and when we arrived at the winery the place was completely empty except for Andrew & Meg, who both work at the winery and set up the show for us. We’d been in contact with them for a while, since we’d originally had a show scheduled for this venue back in April 2013, which we’d cancel because Eric & I were both getting really sick and tour-exhausted.

The venue continued to stay empty for the next two-ish hours, but Eric & I had such a great time trying wines and cheeses and talking with Andrew & Meg, that we weren’t even really worried. Obviously a canceled show to kick off this tour could’ve been crushing later, but in the moment we weren’t concerned, and things turned out ok anyway!

A few of Andrew & Meg’s friends/relatives stopped in, and sometime after 9:00 a limo pulled up packed with a bunch of ladies wanting some wine and entertainment. Andrew & Meg quickly set up and began a short set performing songs from their group The Sewing Circle. Then Eric & I set up and did a hour long set.

Untitled-1mAndrew & Meg are expecting a baby next month, and Meg’s mom ended up getting the painting to put in the nursery.

I wanted to paint geese flying overhead, but to give the painting the impression of awe and respect that I feel when I see geese flying overhead. It’s tough to capture. I don’t know if I did it, I think I still need to keep trying.


Andrew & Meg offered to let us spend the night on their pull-out couch, which we really appreciated. It’s crazy the things you take for granted while living at home that become great luxuries while on the road, like being able to stretch out on your back at night instead of half-sitting up in a cold smelly car under street lights.

We took off fairly early the next morning (today), and on our way out of town we pulled over to watch a ridiculous amount of geese and ducks hanging around this pound with its Christmas decorations still up. Really gorgeous. I need to move back to the wilderness soon and get away from man-made busy-ness…

We drove straight to Ann Arbor, Michigan this morning, getting in before 11. We had the wrong address for the venue, so we looked for a library to do some internet. The library we found was downtown, and we didn’t want to deal with a two-hour limited pay-to-park, so we searched for another library… that didn’t exist. Then another… it was closed. Then another… that also didn’t exist. Then we looked for a Panera Bread… the closest one was 20 miles away. Then we looked for a Tim Horton’s… their wifi wasn’t working. Then we found another Tim Horton’s and if we sit at the one table all the way in the corner, we can finally pick up the wifi signal and get some work done/find the correct address for tonight’s show. We were in town for an hour and a half before we even figured anything out!

Well, we’re good now. Show tonight! Here’s the event link.