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Before heading off to our show at the Yellow Barn in Ann Arbor last night we took a stroll around the local mall, forgetting that it was a Saturday evening and the place was packed. It was good to stretch our legs though, and get away from staring at our computer screens. Eric’s booking spring tours currently, and he often gets incredibly stressed out and sort of turns into a depressed fatalist when he’s worried about filling up a couple dates. So it’s good to try to get his mind off things once in a while.

Around 6:30 we headed over to the venue and began loading in and meeting the other bands. The venue is awesome. It’s a barn set away from the road but still very much in downtown Ann Arbor, and has been set up like an art gallery with a stage in the middle.

Modern Lady Fitness started out the show. They are awesome, not just as a band (which they were, their set was super fun to see) but also as quality people. Really enjoyed getting to talk with them a little. Then we did our set, and everyone seemed really into it and enthusiastic. It was encouraging to talk with people afterwards, it was a good audience and the venue seemed comfortably full. The third and final act was Wicker Chairs, who’d set up the show for us. Another fine act.



The painting from that night was an idea I had quite a while ago, but wasn’t sure about using. It’s more illustrative and seems more like a piece of a longer story than I normally do, but I think I like this direction. I’ve become newly inspired by a card/board game that Eric got for Christmas called Dixit. The paintings in that game are just spectacular. I highly recommend it.



We stuck around at the venue afterwards to help pack up the lighting and sound equipment, then headed off to try to find a place to spend the night. It was as chaotic as it’d been earlier trying to find a spot to do internet work. We started out going to a Walmart only to find it littered with “No Camping” signs. Weird. We went to another Walmart 10 minutes away (why are there two Walmarts within 10 minutes of each other) and literally as we were walking up to the door to use the bathroom an employee came over and locked the doors, gruffly exclaiming “Closed.” before lumbering off. Ok…. Back in our car and we drove another 10 minutes away (!) to another Walmart. This one had signs that read “No Trucks” (odd) and “Unauthorized cars will be towed” but we were so exhausted and frustrated, we decided to take the chance. It’s pretty cold here, icy and snowy, and I was nervous about it being too cold to sleep, but I wore my coat and wrapped Eric’s coat around my feet, plus bundled into my sleeping bag, and I was quite warm. Eric never gets as cold as I do, and he was completely fine with just his sleeping bag.

This morning we headed off to find a Tim Horton’s to do a bit of internet work, and found one 10 minutes away, right next to another Walmart! That’s 4 Walmarts within about 20 minutes from each other! Ok.

Tonight we’ve got a show in Ypsilanti at Woodruff’s. We’ll be playing with our friend Jeff, who was at last night’s show, as well as another band. Here’s the event for tonight’s show.