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We spent a good amount of yesterday not really knowing what to do with ourselves. That part of tour is sometimes worse than sleeping in the car or having canceled shows. Sometimes you need to figure out how to kill 6 hours. We try to avoid spending money as much as possible, and it’s been too cold to walk around the local parks, and all the libraries were closed. We just really wanted a living room yesterday: a quite warm place where we could hang out by ourselves. Never take a quiet living room for granted. We finally settled on a parking lot outside the library of a college. Signs read that our car would get towed if we didn’t have a permit, so we just sat in the car. I read a book, Eric played a video game, and we watched the tow truck circle the parking lot, but leave us alone.

In the evening we met up with Jeff, an old friend of Eric’s, and his friend & band mate Dan, and hung out for a bit. Then we all waited outside Woodruff’s for the venue to open. We were playing a late Pocket Vinyl show last night in Ypsilanti.

Jeff and Dan and their third band mate, Dave, started the show last night around 10:00 with their group Mental Health Day. We were up after them and were actually quite surprised by the audience turn out. It had looked as though it’d be a fairly dead night, but there were a good amount of people to see us. Plus, this one girl took a break from dancing to stand on her hands and made Eric forget what he was talking about between songs. We were followed by the Vagrant Symphony.

Untitled-mI’m really happy about how this painting came out.



After the show Dave offered to let us crash in his basement, which we were both so incredibly grateful for, especially after our previous night in the car. Plus I really needed a shower. It was about 45 minutes away from the venue, and we fell asleep curled up in our sleeping bags on Dave’s air mattress. We woke up late this morning to hot showers and bagels from Tim Horton’s (love Tim Horton’s so much) that Dave had picked up for us.

We headed back out onto the road soon after and now find ourselves in Ferndale, Michigan, right outside Detroit. (What’s with Detroit? The tons of abandoned houses and craters littering the highways make this place look like a post-apocalyptic movie.) We found a really comfortable library (there’s a fireplace!) and are pretty much planning on hanging out here until our show later tonight, here in Ferndale.

Details and a link to that show can be found here. We’re heading off to East Lansing tomorrow and Kalamazoo the day after that before saying goodbye to Michigan for this tour.