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Last night’s Monday night show around the corner from 8 Mile Road in Detroit turned out much better than expected. We showed up at the “Party Mansion” little after 6:00 and there were just a couple guys, Andy and a few of his band mates from Andy and the Pandy’s, smoking in the basement. We loaded in and waited around while a few other people trickled in. It appeared like it’d be a fairly dead Monday night (expected). We found a Lost Encyclopedia book in the living room and looked through that to kill some time. 

Andy and the Pandy’s got started maybe around 9:00. They were really awesome, I really enjoyed their set. Plus they have a violin player and their drummer was flipping his sticks all over the place, it was super entertaining. 

Once we set up for our set and got playing, the basement was fairly packed. We were both surprised that so many people were not only there, but engaging with our show. It was really awesome. Everyone was super nice and encouraging afterwards.



The bass player from Andy and the Pandy’s won the bid on the painting (and, by the way, it was not only his first time playing with them, it was also the first time he’d even met most of the rest of the band! I was impressed he could just dive right into a set like that). 

After we played a group called Good Day Good Sir did a short set, and they were also super talented (and really friendly guys). It was awesome to be surrounded by so much talent in a little basement on a Monday night.



I’m really enjoying creating these story-type illustrative paintings. I’d been on the fence about this idea, but I’m super happy with how it came out.

We stayed up and talked until about 1:00 AM, with people heading home and more people showing up to continue partying. But we were fading, so we retired to the basement where Andy had set up a futon in the area where we’d all just played the show. 

This morning we were up at about 9, showered and snuck out the front door before anyone else was up. We began our drive toward tonight’s show in East Lansing, MI, but stopped halfway to get some art scanned at a Staples (more on that soon). Now we’re hanging out at a nice cozy library while we wait for a call from Staples to let us know the scanning is done. Tour’s been going really well so far; thanks for checking in. Show tonight at (Scene) Metrospace, doors at 7:00.