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So much happens in just a few days when you’re on tour. Way back on Tuesday January 14 we had a Pocket Vinyl show in East Lansing, Michigan. We got in to town a few hours early, just in time for a thick snowfall. We walked around the college and finally stopped in the really awesome Curious Book Shop, where I picked up a few used books at really awesome prices (including a gently used copy of Blankets at almost half the retail price!)


Our show was schedule to be at (Scene) Metrospace, a small gallery next to a pizza shop. The place was completely dead though, except for the two of us and the two guys running the gallery for the night. Apparently two local bands had dropped from the bill, and another band (called Vanishers) from an hour away hadn’t shown up. A couple people trickled in to see the no-show band, and and a half hour after Vanishers were scheduled to start, one of the guys working the gallery came over to suggest we cancel the show. At that moment the guys from that band started rolling their equipment into the gallery, so the show got underway, with us playing second. It was one of our smallest and quietest shows, but at least it wasn’t canceled.



It was still snowing and really cold, so after the show we decided to treat ourselves a little bit and fork over the cash for a cheap hotel room. Besides, we had a bottle of wine that the folks at Herme’s had given us, and the cold weather was beginning to push the cork to the point that we were worried that the bottle might explode. We needed to drink it.

The next day, Wednesday January 15, we headed over to Kalamazoo. Most of the day was spent at a really cozy little library in town, and in the evening we headed over to the Old Dog Tavern for our show. We did two 45 minute sets, and although we were background music for the most part, we were glad to at least have an audience.



I had a lot of fun taking my time with this painting too. I’m really happy with how it turned out.



Kalamazoo was our last Michigan show. Besides Detroit back in 2011, we hadn’t really toured in Michigan, and we certainly got to see a fair amount of the state this time around.

After the show we drove straight to Chesterton, Indiana, where we’ll be staying for the next week with our friends Josh & Sarah. They were able to help us find 5 shows all in the area, and we get to stay a little apartment off of their garage. It’s definitely a wonderful break from touring.

Yesterday, January 16, we had our first Indiana show on this tour, at a cute little restaurant/bar in Beverly Shores called Bartlett’s. And while we almost had a canceled show on Tuesday because next to no one showed up, for last night’s show the venue had tickets available and the place sold out! That was a good feeling. They had amazing food and drinks, and they took great care of us. We did two 45 minute sets for this show as well.

IMG_1898 copy




So yeah, those were our past three days. Tonight we’ve got our second Indiana show at a place called Front Porch Music in Valparaiso. Event link can be found here.