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Goodness, only 4 shows left on this January tour! I feel like, while the December tour really dragged, this one has flown by. Again, it helps that we’ve had a wonderfully comfortable base to rest at for the past week.

We did have one slight bump at last night’s show: A threat of a blizzard swooped in over Lake Michigan and the claim was that we’d get 12+ inches of snow. That didn’t happen. There might’ve been an inch, total. But it scared people enough to not want to venture out.

We had a house show scheduled for last night, in Portage, IN at The Tri-Engel. Our friend Scott from Wisconsin drove out for the show, but besides him the only people there lived at the house or were part of the other band that played. After some discussion we all decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to paint, but Eric decided he’d perform a couple songs by himself. It was odd, I’ve never watched Eric perform before. It was really fascinating for me.



Despite the fact that I didn’t perform, it was a fun show and the few people that were there were really awesome. We both had a great time, and made it back to Josh & Sarah’s safely through the snow.

Today we have the first day off of our tour. Tomorrow’s we’re in Chicago, then we finally begin our travels toward home. Here are the last four dates of this tour. Our plan is to take February off, for the most part. So our next shows after these four may not be until March.

Jan. 22 – Chicago, IL – JPUSA     7 PM

Jan. 23 – Toledo, OH – Ottawa Tavern    9 PM

Jan. 24 – Jamestown, NY – Mojo’s    11 PM

Jan. 26 – Williamsport, PA – Bullfrog Brewery   8 PM