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Back on Wednesday the 22nd of January we had probably our biggest purposeful Pocket Vinyl crowd! We may have performed in front of larger crowds in the past, but in those instances we were typically background noise. At Wednesday night’s show the venue was packed with people who’d come just to watch our show. It was incredibly encouraging, and will most likely be an event we try to keep in mind when shows in the future aren’t going so well.

We finally left the comfort of Josh & Sarah’s cozy home in Chesterton, IN on Wednesday afternoon, and headed up towards Chicago. Sarah had told us about a large Korean market in Chicago, and it turned out to be only about 15 minutes from that night’s venue. Stepping inside Joong Boo Market was like walking out of Chicago and directly back into Korea. It was amazing and so nostalgic! We poured over everything on all the shelves, slowly wandering up and down aisles, excitedly pointing out familiar favorites. Oh Korea… We miss you.

A fair-sized blizzard swept through downtown Chicago as we very slowly made our way to the venue for Wednesday night’s show, but besides some discomfort we didn’t run into any real issues, and we arrived at JPUSA with time to spare. The show was suppose to take place at their new coffee shop across the street, but some paperwork issues set them back last minute, so the location was changed to the Garden Room across the street in the old hotel JPUSA lives in, and where we’d performed the last time we were in town. And it was a good thing too, considering the small space of the coffee shop wouldn’t have held everyone.


A couple old friends came out for the show, and it was amazing seeing them as well. A flute group did a song to open the show, then we went on. It was amazing. People responded so well, during the show and afterwards. The drawings in that one photo were done by two young girls at the show.

Once everything settled down and people dispersed, we went a few blocks down to keep the conversation going at a small bar with some friends who’d come to see us.


JPUSA gave us a room in their old hotel to spend the night, complete with a loft bed! Never slept in something like that before! The next morning we ran across the street to get a quick tour of the Wilson Abbey, where they’re putting in Everybody’s Coffee, as well as a couple larger spaces for music. It’s going to be so awesome once they’re able to start bringing in bands! Hopefully we’ll be able to play a show there when we’re touring back through in March.

Finally in late morning we packed up our things and got on the road, leaving Chicago behind for Ohio. We had a clear morning with blizzards and blowing throughout. We just found out about the horrendous pileup right near where we’d been staying in Indiana, happening right near the area we were driving through to get to Ohio. We definitely both feel incredibly grateful that we’ve been safe during all our blizzard, blowing, and snow driving throughout this tour so far. Only a few more drives until we’re home. Hopefully we make it there tomorrow without incident.