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Well, our first tour of 2014 has recently come to an end, and we’re safely at home now, for the next 5 1/2 weeks. We decided to take February “off” for the most part, although we do have two shows coming up in the New England area. But we’ll be hosting a couple different groups of visiting out-of-town friends/family, and I’ll be working hard on a handful of new commissions (which reminds me, if you’ve been thinking about ordering a commission, now would be the time to ask: elizabeth.jancewicz@gmail.com), and we’ll just be taking a much-needed rest from living out of our car.

Now, on to the last three shows from our January tour:

On Thursday, January 23rd, we left beautiful cold Chicago and headed off to Toledo to play a show at the Ottawa Tavern. We’ve done shows a handful of times there in the past, and we’re always well taken care of.



In my painting from that show, polar bears took to the sky because all the ice had melted and they no longer have a home.



On our way in to Toledo we saw a sign for a hotel advertising $33-ish for the night. While getting hotels is not an ideal for us (because of trying to save money, tour, and pay off my high student loans all at once), we also really wanted to avoid sleeping in our car in this cold weather, so we checked in for the night.

The next day, Friday January 24, after a quick and cheap Waffle House breakfast, we continued driving east, stopping outside Cleveland for a bit at a large and super fancy mall. I had a gift card and we were able to find Eric a super nice new winter coat at half off! (This was a big deal, considering he’s never owned a coat that actually fits him well, and for the past few months his old coat had a broken zipper and he’d wrap it closed with his arms folded, like a bathrobe.) By the way, when I say “super fancy mall” I mean that I considered changing before we went in, and I felt ridiculously out of place with my military boots, paint-stained coat, and mits attached to my sleeves with yarn. You know how Sociology professors make the students take field trips to visit refugee communities and homeless shelters? Well, I think it should also be required to hang out at some of these insanely expensive department stores, just to witness the other spectrum of this country.

That night we had a show in Jamestown, NY, back at Mojo’s, which we’ve done shows at a handful of times as well. (What a weird day of seeing all the different kinds of people that live in just the North/East of this country!)

A trio calling themselves Little Sea Birds opened the night with a 40 minute set, then we went on, then they closed as well with a longer set. Everyone was super cool and fun, and we had a great night.



In my painting, all ski slopes are actually giant Arctic animals.



After our set we packed up and began the drive up to Houghton, NY to stay with Eric’s parents. We had the next day off, and instead of booking a last minute show we decided to just take a day off to hang out with them.

On Saturday evening Eric’s parents took us out to the historical and adorable Texas Hot for an awesome diner dinner, then to see 12 Years A Slave at the local theater. Rough and raw and difficult to watch. But really highly recommended. I hope they win a couple of the Oscars their nominated for.

On Sunday, January 26 we stuck around to attend church with Eric’s parents and I had a great time talking with a couple of my old favorite college professors. We hit the road again soon after lunch and headed down to Williamsport, PA for our final show at the Bullfrog Brewery. They took good care of us with food and drinks, and although some big event was happening across the street and much of the dinner crowd left to attend that, we still had a decent amount that appeared to really enjoy our show.



The parking lot for the brewery is in this courtyard completely covered in these amazing murals. It was spectacular to look at, even in the dark.



On Monday, January 27, we began our slow trip home to Connecticut, stopping for a bit to pick up some art supplies with another gift card I had from Christmas.

We arrived home in the evening, unpacked, and settled in. It’s so good to be home again.