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I’ve decided to hold a massive art sale, starting today!

Back in college I realized I create way too much art and that it was really filling up my dorm room. So I pulled it all out of the closet, displayed it all over my room, and told all my friends that I was hosting a massive art giveaway. All I wanted was that people would adopt my art and love it. To me, giving it away for free beat having it collect dust in storage.

Now that I’m actually a full-time artist with the weight of having to pay for those wonderful college years (plus… everything else), I can’t exactly afford to give my artwork away. But I can host a pay-what-you-want/silent-auction sale!

On this last tour I kept encountering people who’d inquire about having me do a commission, then realize they couldn’t afford my rates. (On the other hand, half of everyone I know preaches that my rates are too low.) So, this sale is for the art-lovers who can’t really afford art-lover prices.

I went through my massive stack o’ art in my basement, and snapped quick photos and took dimensions of everything I’m ok parting with right now. Admittedly, I didn’t bother touching up the images in Photoshop and some images are a little skewed or appear not as vibrant as they actually are, but give me a break; there’s hundreds of pieces!

Now, on to how you can acquire this art!

1. Follow my link to my Facebook art profile. (As of now, only one album is up, but two other albums with larger pieces will be posted in the next few days.)

2. Find a piece (or two.. or ten..) you want to own.

3. Place your bid.

4. Wait 24 hours, in which time anyone else can challenge you by attempting to outbid you. To which you can counter-bid, etc.

5. Once 24 hours are up, I will declare a winner and will contact you about how you’ll be paying and where the piece needs to be shipped.

6. I do ask that you pay for shipping & packaging. Shipping costs are posted on each individual piece. (Shipping & packaging costs are estimated for the US. For international shipping it will cost more.)

P.S. I do have to say, although I hope you can pick up some inexpensive art from my collection, I also really appreciate your support so that Eric & I can continue working as full-time artists.