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Let’s keep this art-for-babies theme going. While on our December 2013 tour I was asked by the people we were staying with if I could do a last-minute commission. They were organizing a friend’s baby shower/gender reveal party and had just been given the sealed envelope containing the baby’s gender. The couple having the baby didn’t want to know until the party, and the couple we were staying with were trying to figure out a creative way to reveal it. The couple having the baby really liked coming to our Pocket Vinyl shows and watching the painting progress, so the couple we were staying with decided to commission me to create a male or female themed painting as a gift for the expecting couple to go in the new baby’s room. It was pretty exciting to get to open the envelope containing the gender of this new little life. Turns out they were expecting a boy, and after some brainstorming between Eric, myself, and the couple hosting us, I came up with this idea:


I woke up early the morning, and while everyone else slept I set up my easel in their kitchen and worked on the painting. After finishing and a shower we said our goodbyes and headed back out on the road. I hope the gender reveal party went well.