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I seriously hadn’t realized I’d done so many art pieces commissioned for young children lately! Sure, I illustrate a lot of children’s books, but still. It’s kind of funny. My next piece in this “for the baby’s nursery” series was for our friend Drew’s young daughter. Back when we held our Kickstarter for our most recent album, Death Anxiety, Drew supported us. We had to get his Kickstarter rewards to him, and since he use to work with my younger brother at a restaurant in the nearby casino I figured we could save on shipping costs and just hand deliver the rewards to him. When I contacted him he invited us to come by the restaurant so he could treat us to dinner. It was one of the nicest, fanciest dinners either of us had ever had. Drew chose the menu and everything was spectacular. We kept telling him that when we were on tour, eating dry cereal out of the box, we’d have this wonderful elegant dinner to look back on.

Anyways, after the dinner Drew asked if he could commission me to do a painting for his daughter of a duckling. He showed me a photo of the toddler, squeezing tight to a fuzzy stuffed duckling, her favorite toy. We were heading out on tour within days, but he’d been so giving I really wanted to be able to create the piece for him. So I squeezed it in and was able to get it to him right before we headed out. Here’s the final product, a 1’x1′ piece on masonite, done in flat acrylics with metallic outline and detailing:


And one last thing: Drew’s a pretty spectacular photographer and I’d like to highly recommend you check his stuff out online at frenchPHOTO. If you ever need some creative shots in the CT area, consider looking into commissioning him.