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Continuing on with the Kickstarter rewards, a handful of people ordered the typical 2’x2′ “show painting” size for their paintings. Here are those:



I think what I enjoy most about these groups of paintings is how much the styles of painting can vary, based on what was requested. (Which is why I often require a bit more guidance on a commission when I’m asked to “just create something ‘in my style'”.) Here are the requests I got for these paintings, also all done in oil paint on gessoed masonite board:

a) “Something for our twin boys’ room that depicts adventure. We call our boys ‘the wombats’. I like your paintings that show large creatures protecting small children, and bright blues and yellows.”

b) “A Mad Hatter tea party, where the party-goers are characters that have previously shown up in your paintings. Also, greens.”

c) “Our dog Chewie.” (This one was for Eric’s parents.)

d) “A picture of the zebra that our parents’ neighbors have on their farm.”

If you’re interested in a 2’x2′ painting commission, let me know. Prices for a piece this size are currently set at $150, plus shipping & packaging.